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A volunteer transport group for residents of Walton-on-Thames and Hersham
Registered Charity No.: 801804

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Who are we?

Care in Walton and Hersham is a local transport charity serving the residents of Walton-on-Thames and Hersham.

Our Constitution states that the group’s Object is “to assist persons in Walton and Hersham who are elderly, sick, disabled or in need.”

Care is a voluntary organisation comprising a committee, drivers, and Duty Officers who take requests for transport using a dedicated mobile phone. Our volunteer drivers use their own cars to take clients to medical and dental appointments.


How we help

The client asking for transport will have seen our name and number either on various posters around the area, or online, or from one of the small cards given out at health centres.

The client, a resident of Walton or Hersham, does not need to register with us formally, but the Duty Officer will ask new clients details of their health, particularly their mobility in getting in and out of a car and how much help they need during a hospital visit, for instance.

Our service is free, but we ask that clients make donations to cover our running costs and mileage claims by the volunteer drivers.

All drivers carry a small donation box in their cars and of course they collect you from your home, take you to your destination, wait, and bring you home again.

Transportation service

assisting passengers door to door.

Local journeys

to and from medical and dental appointments.

Volunteers required

The service relies on volunteers. Could you help?

Contact us

to request transport or volunteer.

Contact us

If you would like to request transport or could help as a volunteer driver or Duty Officer, please get in touch!

07526 695842

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